Blood connected

Daniel Man… Lexi has to be the sexiest woman alive

Shawn I know…
Shawn I get paralyzed around her
Daniel What is she doing with that loser Todd?
Daniel He is like a puppy to her
Shawn I would be too
Daniel hahahhaha good point
Daniel I would be able to give her so much more than him
Shawn I’m sure you would love to give her a lot of things
Daniel Hahhhaa you are a jackass
Shawn I’m not the one talking about giving her things 😀
Daniel Will I see you at the game tonight
Daniel We are gathering at 8 to watch together
Shawn Who else is going?
Daniel Yes… She will be there 😆
Daniel But so will Todd 😒
Shawn Will, she ever dump that guy?
Daniel I don’t even think they are together
Daniel She is just following her everywhere, like a dog
Shawn The way we would 😂
Daniel Hahahha exactly
Daniel So I will see you there?
Shawn Yep!
Lexi You should be a bit more discreet
Lexi 😏
Shawn Excuse me?
Lexi I see the way you look at me Shawn
Lexi I see the way all of you look at me
Lexi You want me
Shawn That’s a bit overconfident!
Lexi Oh really?
Lexi Am I wrong?
Shawn I mean you are attractive
Shawn But I wouldn’t use the word WANT
Lexi 😏

Lexi Really, what word would you use? 😏
Shawn I am intrigued by you
Lexi So if I grabbed you by the hand right now
Lexi And dragged you to the bathroom
Lexi Would you show me how intrigued you are?
Lexi 😏
Shawn WOW that escalated quickly
Shawn What about Todd?
Lexi What about him?
Lexi You want him to come too?
Lexi I’m sure I can arrange that
Shawn Ewwww what the hell
Shawn No… I mean
Shawn What’s the deal with you and Todd?
Lexi None of your concern
Shawn That’s a bit rude
Lexi What is?
Lexi That I don’t want to discuss my relationship with Todd with a stranger?
Shawn When you put it that way…
Lexi How do you want to put it?
Shawn You are really direct aren’t you?
Lexi I am a woman that knows what she wants
Lexi Does that scare you?
Shawn No.. I just
Shawn I’ve never met anyone like you before
Lexi And you never will 😏
Lexi You might as well use the opportunity
Shawn Do you think Todd will be jealous?
Shawn I mean he is right here
Lexi He will…
Lexi But I can handle Todd
Shawn Aren’t you a couple or something

Lexi Me and Todd?
Lexi Hahahhaahah you are a funny one
Lexi No we are not a couple
Lexi We go way back
Lexi But our connection is pure blood 😏
Shawn So you are like cousins or something?
Lexi Or something 😏
Lexi Aren’t you a nosy one?
Shawn Sorry
Shawn So you like me huh?
Lexi I am intrigued by you 😏
Shawn Well played 😀
Shawn You wanna get out of here?
Lexi I thought you would never ask 😈
Lexi Last night was fun huh
Shawn My neck is still bleading
Lexi Boo hoo
Lexi You’ll survive
Lexi I got a bit carried away
Lexi From the excitement
Shawn I could tell!!
Shawn Don’t do that again
Shawn I’m not into weird stuff
Lexi Yes sir 😇
Shawn It’s not funny
Shawn You could’ve hurt me
Lexi I thought you were a man
Lexi Brave, adventurous
Lexi Better than Todd
Lexi Didn’t you say how Todd is no good for me
Lexi That you would follow me around like a dog?
Shawn How do you know that?
Lexi I know a lot of things about you Shawn
Lexi I know you are fantasizing about me every night
Lexi That you stare at my pictures
Lexi That you wish Todd disappeared
Lexi I know your every darkest desire
Shawn That’s too weird
Lexi I thought you like weird
Shawn I don’t

Lexi But you were jealous of Todd
Shawn I never said that
Lexi He is such a better servant than you are?
Shawn What?
Lexi He likes when I bite him
Shawn What the hell?
Shawn Aren’t you cousins?
Lexi I never said that
Shawn You said you have a blood connection
Lexi That I did 😏
Shawn What kind of connection is that?
Lexi Voluntary
Shawn I don’t understand
Lexi I know you don’t
Lexi Because I don’t want you too
Shawn It’s not funny Lexi
Shawn Tell me what is going on
Shawn Who is Todd?
Lexi Patience my love
Lexi I can’t just drop a bomb on you
Lexi You seem like a guy that gets scared easily
Lexi And I would really love to taste your skin again…
Lexi And your blood
Shawn You are sick
Lexi Don’t you want to be like Todd
Lexi To be connected to me
Shawn What the hell are you talking about?
Lexi You need to feed my love
Lexi That nasty bite you have… You are turning
Lexi I suggest you to feed on me
Lexi That way you won’t have to harm anyone else
Shawn You are insane!
Lexi You wanted to know how connected Todd and I are
Lexi We are blood connected
Lexi We feed on each other
Shawn You what?
Shawn You feed?
Lexi Yes
Shawn There is something seriously wrong with you, Lexi
Lexi I’m just warning you on time
Lexi Don’t come crying to me when the urges kick in
Shawn What urges?
Lexi That hunger you are feeling …
Lexi Pizza won’t cover that
Lexi You need to feed
Shawn What are you?
Lexi I think you know 😏

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