Dating the Devil

Mia Have you heard?
Are you ok?
I can come over if you want
Kate Hey…
I just heard
Define ok?
Mia When are they releasing him?
Kate According to my lawyer, in two hours
Mia Do you want to come over?
You might feel safer here
Kate I would
But eventually I would have to go home
I can’t run forever
Mia I can’t believe they let him out
Kate I can
He had the most cruel lawyer ever
The best one
Mia I don’t understand how someone can defend him
He is a monster
Kate Those people don’t care
They have no soul
It doesn’t affect them at all
This guy could defend the devil himself
Without any remorse
Mia I think he just did
Kate You think he will come after me?
Mia I think you shouldn’t be alone
Did you call the cops?
Kate And tell them what exactly?
They already declared him innocent
You think they would protect me from an innocent man
Mia But he is not innocent
Kate I know that
And you know that
But to the court… He is innocent
Mia I think you should call Bryan
He will protect you
Kate No
I don’t want him to know about this
Mia You haven’t told him????
You can’t keep your past a secret forever
Just call him to spend the night
You will feel better with him there
Kate He will notice something is wrong
He knows me too well
And also… It can only provoke Dylan
He believes Bryan is the reason we split up
Mia That man is insane
When do you plan to talk to him?
He should know Dylan is out
He can’t protect you if he doesn’t know
Kate He can’t protect me either way
I am thinking about leaving
Mia What?
You can’t do that
You love Bryan
Kate That is exactly why I am thinking about leaving
I am scared he will go after him
He wanted to hurt him for a long time
Mia You can’t leave Kate
Bryan would search the planet to find you
Kate Not if I tell him I don’t love him anymore
Mia Don’t do this Kate
If you do this he wins
Kate He won the second they liberated him
Mia Promise me you’ll sleep on it?
Don’t make any rush decisions
Kate I don’t think sleep can change my mind
But ok
I promise
Mia Kate…
Kate Yeah?
Mia Please lock the doors and close the windows
I would really feel better if you’d come here
Kate Thanks Mia
I don’t want to put anyone else in this mess
I will be fine. Don’t worry
Mia Promise to text me as soon as you get up?
Kate I promise

Mia Good morning
How did you sleep?
I ran into Bryan twenty minutes ago
he was heading to your house
I really hope you didn’t do anything stupid
And he is only coming for breakfast
Anyway, text me when you see this
He loves you very much
You deserve to be happy
Bryan Hey M
Have you heard from Kate?
Mia What do you mean?
I thought she was with you?
Bryan Nope
I went to her house but she wasn’t there
Mia Well where is she?
Bryan I was hoping you can tell me that
She sent me a message in the middle of a night
Saying I should come over
But she is not here
Mia Oh no…
Bryan What do you mean oh no?
What is going on?
I found this on the table by the bed

Bryan That is the necklace I gave to her for our anniversary
M… Is she leaving me?
Mia What does the letter say?
Bryan I haven’t read it yet
I’m scared to open it
Mia You should be
But not for the reasons you think
Bryan I don’t understand?
Mia How much do you know about Dylan story?
Bryan They were together for three years
He hit her once
She left him…
Don’t tell me she went back to that douche?
Mia It’s a bit more complicated than that
Do you know that scar she has slightly below the heart?
Bryan Yeah… the surgery one
They let a student stitch her up
Mia I wish that was true
Bryan Mia, what is going on?
I’m starting to freak out
Mia Bryan…
Dylan didn’t just hit her
Bryan What?
Mia That scar she carries proudly
He gave her that…
The first time she told him she would leave him
He missed her heart by a centimeter
Bryan WHAT?
Mia No…
He is too obsessed with her
He wouldn’t hurt her on purpose
But he got too angry
I assume she told you he was far
Far is jail
Bryan So he is locked up?
Mia Not anymore
He was declared innocent yesterday
Mia Yes…
And now I am scared he got to her
Bryan Why didn’t you tell me this before
Mia Because I promised I wouldn’t
Bryan We have to find her
If he hurts her
Mia He won’t
But he won’t hesitate to hurt you
Bryan So what do we do now?
Mia We go to the cops
Bryan NO
They didn’t do anything the first time
I won’t trust them now either
Mia What are you going to do?
Bryan I am going to find them
And then I am going to kill him
Bryan Answer the phone
Kate, I will find you
And you sick bastard… If you are reading this
I am coming for you
You are a dead man walking
Kate Such bravery
I can see why she likes you
Unfortunately for you bravery won’t get you far
Kate She is with me now
By choice
In fact, we are preparing for a masked ball

Kate I missed dancing with her
Don’t you just love the way she dances
Bryan You son of a bitch
You let her go right now
I will find you
Kate Oh I am counting on that
I can’t wait to confront you
I might even leave a similar scar on your chest too
Only this time
I will aim for the heart
And I will not miss

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