Escape Game

Unknown Number Congratulations, Aubrey! Your success with escape rooms has caught our attention! You’ve been selected for a very special escape room event!

The rules are as follows:

1. Arrive promptly, no more than ten minutes before your scheduled start time. One of our staff members will check you in and you will start exactly at your scheduled time.

2. Unlike most escape games, using your phone is encouraged! No two experiences will be the same, so the likelihood of secrets being revealed online is low.

In addition, this experience is done individually. We encourage you to have a contact outside of the escape room to help with some puzzles, but you will be alone in the experience.

3. Come prepared for inclement weather. Rescheduling for rain, snow, or other unfortunate weather is not possible. You may only participate in the time slot offered to you. This is an indoor-outdoor experience so keep that in mind when preparing.

Further information will be emailed to you upon acceptance of your invitation. Do you accept?

Aubrey Yes!

Unknown Number Great! Your email should arrive shortly!

Thank you for accepting! And beware… the Old Lawrence House is waiting for you!

Aubrey OMG Cristina

Cristina Hey Aubrey, what’s up?

Aubrey I just got this crazy offer on an escape game? Have you ever heard of the Old Lawrence House?

Cristina No, is it new?

Aubrey I don’t know, I can’t find any info on it!

Google doesn’t have anything.

Cristina LOL you’re texting to see if I can use any of my ~dark web connections~ to find info.

Aubrey I mean… please?

Cristina You know information isn’t free, even for my best friend.

Aubrey I’ll get you a case of beer and a half-ounce of the good stuff?

Cristina Now we’re talking!

Aubrey Okay, so… can you find any details for me?

Cristina Well, you’ve gotta give me a few minutes to run some searches.

Are you going?

Aubrey Yeah I think so? I mean, I confirmed. And I’ll forward you my confirmation email.

Cristina Cool, send it along. It’ll give me more to search, too.

Aubrey You got it. Uh… I’m going tomorrow at 7am?

Cristina That’s really early lol

Aubrey Ugh what have I gotten myself into? It also says my time is unlimited, but there are other ways to lose.

Cristina Oooh spooky

Aubrey omg shut up. It can’t be scarier than that Dwelling room I did last year.

Cristina Oh yeah, the one where the ceiling dropped down!

Aubrey It was terrifying!

Cristina LOL I’m sure it was. Well, you should get some sleep right? So you’re ready for your room tomorrow.

Aubrey Yeah, I should. Text me if you find anything.

Cristina You know I will. Sleep good, I’ll be in touch tomorrow.

The next morning

Aubrey Good morning I am checked in and locked inside this Creepy Ass Old House!

Cristina Good morning! Ready to be your outside contact or whatever. I’ve still got some bots running searches on your creep-ass house. Will let you know if they find anything.

Aubrey Perfect, glad I have help from the smartest person I know

Cristina LOL you’re just saying that

Aubrey Am not, you’re amazing.

Okay well I’ve already got a key and a code for a lock

Cristina You’re too good at these rooms.

Aubrey I like solving puzzles, and that’s all this really is. Puzzle solving.

Cristina Let me know if you need me to look stuff up or whatever

Aubrey I will. Let’s see… undid a lock and now I’m in a spooky kitchen

Cristina Lots of fake blood and stuff?

Aubrey Nah, no blood. More like it’s just really old and sad.

Cristina Weird. Usually they lean into the horror element more.

Aubrey Right? Okay, well, the fridge has a skull in it, that’s creepy.

Cristina Oh hey I just got a ping on one of my bots.

Aubrey Oh yeah??

Cristina Oh

‘If you get an invite to the Old Lawrence House escape… DO NOT GO’

Aubrey Whaaat??

Cristina It’s a post by this guy on a forum… he says his friend went and never came back

Apparently this place just popped up in the woods outside their town and then just vanished.

His friend went, and a couple other escape game junkies, and they all disappeared

Aubrey WTF how have I not heard of this sooner?

Cristina His posts about it keep getting deleted. Even on some reddits that are pretty anything-goes

Aubrey Um okay well I gotta get out NOW then??

A lot easier to do when there aren’t bars on all the windows…

Cristina They barred the windows?

Cristina Oh shit

Aubrey What??

Cristina The guy who made this post said his friend texted about that…

Aubrey About the windows?

Cristina I’m still reading, okay?

He says his friend realized all the windows were barred, and rooms kept locking behind him when he went somewhere new

Aubrey Uhhh is this a bad time to tell you that I can’t leave the kitchen??

Cristina Aubrey listen to me okay?

He says… he says there’s a woman in white

And if she sees you, she’ll chase you

Aubrey What happens if she chases me??

Cristina …I don’t know.

He said the last thing his friend sent him was a photo of a woman in white

Aubrey What do I do? What am I supposed to do now?

Cristina I don’t… I don’t know.

Just try to stay calm and…

Aubrey I should have known this was too good to be true!

Cristina Aubrey, it– it’s okay! You’ll get out!

Aubrey I mean I’m still trying but…

Okay, the back door from the kitchen just opened and… and I’m going out.

Cristina What does it look like?

Aubrey There’s some stairs that lead up… I’m going

Cristina Okay. Be careful?

Aubrey I am, I’m being careful.

Cristina Can you just like? Run off through the woods?

Aubrey Maybe… I’m gonna try

Aubrey I don’t care about winning, I just don’t want anything bad to happen!

Cristina Okay, turn your tracking on? On your phone?

Aubrey Okay, it’s on… do I just… run?

Cristina Yeah! Just go!

Aubrey Oh no, there’s a fence!

Cristina Can you climb it?

Aubrey I… oh, no.

Cristina Aubrey?

Cristina Aubrey, climb the fence!

Aubrey I can’t! It’s too small for me to get my toes in the wire!

Cristina Pull yourself up!

Aubrey I’m sorry, I just– I can’t, just tell me mom I’m sorry!

Cristina Aubrey! Aubrey, come on!

Oh my god…

You just… vanished?

Unknown Number Congratulations, Cristina ! Your dark-web sleuthing is masterful! We regret that it was not enough to help your friend Aubrey escape, but we’d like to reward you for your effort!

The Old Lawrence House is launching a digital escape room experience! We would like to invite you to participate as a beta tester!

Cristina What makes you think I’d want anything to do with you?

Unknown Number We thought you might be resistant, so we’d like to sweeten the deal!

Cristina This offer had better be a good one.

Unknown Number If you accept our terms and complete our escape room experience, we’ll help you recover your friend!

Cristina What happened to her?

Unknown Number Oh, now, we can’t give away all our secrets!

But if you accept our terms and solve the mysteries of the Old Lawrence House, perhaps Aubrey can be returned to the world of the living!

Cristina You gonna include that in my contract?

Unknown Number We can make an amendment to our contract, yes.

Cristina And what if I don’t succeed? Is your ghost going to pop out of my computer and stab me?

Unknown Number We must ask that you speak respectfully of Miss Agnes, if you would like to make it out… intact.

Cristina Right.

Unknown Number So… do you accept our terms?

Cristina You know what? Yeah. I do. Bring it on.

Unknown Number Great! Your email should be arriving shortly!

Thank you for accepting! And beware… the Old Lawrence House is waiting for you!

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