Back from the dead

Pete Hey
Pete how are you holding up?
Pete 😟
Nick I don’t know
Nick It seems like a dream you know
Nick A really terrible one
Pete When is the funeral?
Nick Tomorrow at ten
Nick Will you come?
Pete Of course man
Nick Thanks
Nick I just don’t understand why she would do that
Pete Was she depressed or something?
Pete I always saw her happy
Nick Me too
Nick I should’ve seen the signs
Nick I should’ve known
Pete Don’t go there mate
Pete There’s nothing you could’ve done
Nick I wish I was that confident
Nick 😢
Pete What did her family say?
Nick They blame me
Nick They said if I haven’t brought her here
Nick This would’ve never happened
Pete Jeez
Pete That’s bullshit
Pete You know that right?
Nick What if it’s not?
Nick Was I too absent?
Pete Come on Nick
Pete Don’t go there
Pete You did everything
Nick Maybe
Nick I will try to get some sleep
Nick I spent the whole night at the police station
Pete Why?
Pete It’s a suicide, right?
Nick I don’t know man
Nick It doesn’t seem like her
Nick The note she left was shady
Pete What do you mean?
Nick Her parents say it’s not her handwriting
Nick So they opened an investigation
Nick We will see
Nick I am just so tired
Nick You know?
Pete Of course
Pete I get it
Pete Go and get some rest
Pete I will see you tomorrow ok?
Nick Ok man
Nick Thanks
Nick Where are you?
Pete Running late
Pete Sorry
Pete Something came up
Nick More important than a funeral?
Pete Of course not
Pete Just couldn’t make it
Pete I can’t explain
Nick Great
Nick Thanks
Pete Nick..
Pete Are you sure she is dead?
Nick Are you kidding me right now?
Pete I’m sorry
Pete I know it’s inappropriate
Pete But did you actually see the body?
Nick NO
Nick They said she was in a bad state
Pete Man something weird is going on
Pete I am freaking out here
Pete I swear I saw her
Nick I don’t have time for this
Nick You should look for a help mate
Nick I can’t believe you are doing this
Nick And today
Nick Out of all the days
Pete I’m sorry
Pete Do you think I want to do this
Nick I think you are insane
Nick You need help
Pete You don’t believe me
Nick Pete
Nick My girlfriend killed herself
Nick I am standing at her funeral
Nick And you are asking me if I had seen her body
Nick Claiming you saw her
Nick What do you think?
Nick Would you believe you?
Pete Nick, I swear I am not making this up
Pete Why would I do that man
Nick I don’t know
Nick But I think you need help

Pete Who is that?
Nick That is Anna
Nick I am sending you her contact
Pete For what?
Nick She is My shrink
Nick You should call her
Nick Maybe she can help you cope
Pete I don’t need a shrink man
Pete I need an exorcist
Pete A priest or something…
Nick Sure
Nick I do recommend you try the shrink
Nick You sound a bit crazy
Pete Just come to my place
Pete You will see
Pete Something weird is going on
Nick I can’t come to your place
Nick Just call Anna
Pete Fine
Pete I’ll try
Pete Hello
Pete Is this Anna?
Anna Who is asking?
Pete My name is Pete
Pete I am Nick’s friend
Anna Oh hi Nick
Anna Nice to meet you
Anna How can I help you?
Pete I’m not sure you can
Pete I think I am seeing dead people
Anna Wow
Anna That sounds serious
Anna Why don’t you come here
Anna And we talk about it
Pete I don’t think so
Pete I don’t want to leave the house
Anna Why not?
Pete I just feel she would get me
Anna That’s ridiculous
Anna Why do you think your best friends dead girlfriend would be after you anyway
Pete I don’t know
Pete I just don’t want to leave the house
Anna You are terrified for someone who doesn’t know the reason
Anna Why are you scared?
Pete Did you read my message
Pete I see dead people
Anna If you didn’t do anything wrong you shouldn’t be scared
Pete Now this conversation is getting weird
Anna Why do you think the house protects you?
Pete I don’t know
Pete It just does
Anna Oh but it doesn’t
Anna Ghost can go anywhere
Anna For example
Anna I feel your bathroom is missing some red
Anna Oh Pete
Anna Did you think you can get rid of me so easily?
Pete Who is this?
Anna Why are you asking?
Anna You know the answer

Pete What the hell
Anna You should join me in the bathroom Pete
Anna The water is so nice
Anna I don’t think so
Anna You sure as hell didn’t leave me when I was begging
Pete You are not real
Pete This is not happening
Anna Oh but I am
Anna Come on Pete
Anna Don’t make me chase you
Anna I am so much faster
Pete What do you want from me?
Anna I want what you took from me
Anna My life
Anna But since I can’t get it
Anna I’ll satisfy with yours
Pete Please
Pete I had no choice
Anna Yes you did
Anna And you chose poorly

Anna Come on Pete
Anna Lets make this painless and fast
Anna Just join me
Anna Oh but hell is reserved for people like you
Anna And I am here to bring you to justice
Anna And now
Anna I am here to kill you
Anna I was hoping to finish this fast
Anna But I guess you will put up a fight
Anna I don’t mind
Anna You can’t hurt me anymore
Anna But I can hurt you
Anna And I will enjoy every second of it

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