A Cat Thing

Lydia Hey, how are you doing?
Jenny I still can’t believe he is gone
Jenny The house seems so empty
Lydia Do you want me to come over?
Jenny No
Jenny I’ll be ok, I just need some rest
Lydia I’m still in shock
Lydia 😭
Jenny Me too
Lydia You sure you going to be ok?
Lydia Seriously, I can come over
Jenny Don’t worry, I have a company
Lydia Really? Who?
Jenny Someone really cute and fluffy
Lydia Ammm fluffy? You sure you are ok?
Jenny I’m not hallucinating…
Jenny Look

Lydia Wow… Handosme
Jenny He is isn’t he
Jenny I have no idea how he got in
Lydia It’s not yours?
Jenny Nope
Lydia Well who’s is it?
Jenny No idea
Jenny But since Tom died
Jenny He kept me company every day
Lydia That’s weird
Jenny I just don’t know how he is getting in
Jenny I wish i did
Lydia Balcony?
Jenny Nope…

Jenny Kept it closed
Lydia That’s really weird
Lydia So what are you going to do?
Jenny I would like to keep him
Jenny He really helped me these days
Lydia I am sensing a “but” coming up
Jenny What if someone is looking for him?
Jenny I can’t just take him
Lydia You are not taking him
Lydia He came by himself, right?
Jenny Yep
Lydia So no need to feel guilty
Lydia He chooses you
Jenny I hope so
Jenny I really like him
Lydia Go get some sleep
Lydia I’m sure he is a cozy sleeping buddy
Jenny Ok dear
Jenny Talk to you tomorrow
Lydia Hey
Lydia How’s the furry friend today?
Jenny Enjoying the sun

Lydia And you?
Lydia 😟
Jenny I’ll be ok
Jenny The house is just so empty without him
Lydia I know
Lydia Thank God the cat decided to join you
Jenny You think they feel human pain?
Lydia Cats?
Jenny No, dinosaurs
Lydia Maybe, why?
Jenny Well…

Jenny He showed up exactly when Tom died
Jenny I was devastated
Jenny I didn’t know how to go on
Jenny Or what to do
Jenny I just wanted to fall asleep and not wake up
Lydia Jenny …
Jenny No, wait… That’s not the point
Jenny The the cat showed up
Jenny He just climbed my bed and started cuddling
Jenny And it made me smile…
Jenny Is it bad that I smiled on the day he died
Lydia No
Lydia Of course not
Jenny I don’t know
Jenny He made me feel needed
Jenny Does that sound stupid?
Lydia No, of course not
Lydia we all like to feel needed
Jenny Yeah but
Jenny You’re going to think I am crazy
Lydia I always think you are crazy
Lydia But I am listening 😀
Jenny I feel like it’s Tom
Jenny Like he is this cat, watching over me
Jenny I sound crazy don’t I?
Lydia A little
Lydia But I understand
Lydia You miss him
Jenny I don’t think he actually left Lydia
Lydia We all hang on to the loved ones we lost
Jenny No, you don’t understand
Jenny I think he is literally in the cat
Lydia AAAmm
Lydia Now you sound crazy

Jenny Forget that I said anything
Jenny Probably I’m just imagining
Lydia I think I should come and keep you company
Lydia The cat is making you crazier
Jenny I’m not in the mood
Jenny I’m going to go clean
Lydia I offended you didn’t I?
Jenny It doesn’t matter
Jenny Talk to you later
Lydia Hey Jenny
Lydia How are you feeling?
Lydia Any better?
Lydia You must be asleep or busy
Lydia Anyway, I wanted to apologize
Lydia Text me when you can
Lydia We should grab a coffee
Lydia Hey Jenny … what the hell?
Lydia Why you haven’t called me yet
Lydia Are you ok?
Lydia Should I be worried?
Lydia Jenny, I am worried sick
Lydia I am coming over
Lydia I really hope you are ok
Lydia If you are just being a brat I will kick your ass
Lydia You can be mad at me all you want but just let me know you are ok
Lydia I should be there soon
Lydia Jenny … I am freaking out
Lydia Please call me
Lydia There was no one in your apartment, not even the cat but all your things are there
Lydia Anyway… I am entering my apartment now
Lydia I’ll wait by the phone
Lydia What the hell?
Lydia Jenny is this some sort of joke
Lydia Because it’s not funny

Lydia I’ll accept the stupid cat just please
Lydia I need to know you are ok
Lydia I have no idea where your phone is….
Lydia I got the call from the cops today
Lydia They found your body in the woods
Lydia They said you killed yourself
Lydia And now I am chatting with a dead person
Lydia Jesus Jenny … Why didn’t you tell me?
Lydia And this stupid cat… It keeps on hanging around
Lydia Every time I try to talk to you she’s right in my face…
Lydia I’m going to sound as crazy as you, but since I am texting a dead person…
Lydia We kinda surpassed the levels of normality
Lydia Is it you??? Are you this cat???
Lydia Anyway… wherever you are…. I am sorry…
Lydia You won Jen… I’ll keep the stupid cat
Lydia She kinda grew on me… I miss you…

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