The one cheating

Stella Hey
Stella Are you working again this night?
Stella I am making dinner
Marcus Sorry love
Marcus Unfortunately I have to stay again
Marcus We have a presentation on Friday
Marcus And we are still not ready
Marcus Until Friday
Marcus I will barely spend time home
Stella When you say we you mean….?
Marcus Fiona is here too
Stella Of course she is
Marcus Really?
Marcus You are going to start with this again?
Marcus After all those conversations?
Stella It seems you are spending a lot more time with Fiona than your wife
Stella Just noticing that
Marcus I explained millions of times
Marcus Fiona and I are just co-workers
Marcus Assigned to the same project
Stella How convenient
Marcus Are you kidding me right now?
Marcus I don’t have time to sleep
Marcus I don’t have time to eat
Marcus I barely have time to go to the bathroom
Marcus And you think I am cheating?
Stella So what you are saying
Stella If you had more time
Stella You would do it?
Marcus Stop turning everything I say
Marcus That’s not at all what I am saying
Marcus I don’t have time for this Stella
Stella Of course not
Stella Fiona is waiting
Marcus No
Marcus My job is waiting
Marcus We will talk once I get home
Stella Sure
Marcus You are a terribly stubborn woman
Marcus I have no idea what I ever did to make you doubt me
Marcus But this is becoming ridiculous
Stella I am sorry
Stella Maybe it’s PMS or something
Marcus Stop freaking out
Marcus I love you
Stella I know you do
Stella It’s just
Stella It would help if your co-worker wasn’t a hot bombshell
Marcus No one is hotter than the bombshell I have at home
Marcus Stop worrying
Marcus I can’t wait for this to be over so we can spend time together
Stella Me too
Stella Love you
Marcus Love you too
Marcus Try to rest a bit
Marcus Hey…
Marcus Where did you disappear?
Marcus I am back
Fiona Hey
Fiona Sorry
Fiona You took a bit long texting with wifey
Fiona So I went to get us coffee
Marcus Sorry
Marcus I’ll start working on the slides
Fiona Its Ferrero macchiato for you right?

Marcus You know me so well 😍
Marcus 😁
Fiona She doesn’t like me much, doesn’t she?
Marcus Who?
Fiona Your wife.
Marcus What gave you that idea?
Fiona Well to start with
Fiona Every time we are working
Fiona She calls you ten times
Fiona And if you don’t answer she starts texting you
Marcus She is a bit jealous
Marcus That’s all
Marcus It’s not personal
Fiona I get it
Fiona You are a really handsome man
Fiona But you can tell her I am married
Fiona And even if I wasn’t
Fiona I don’t meddle with a married man
Marcus You are married?
Fiona Hahahhaa
Fiona does that surprise you?
Marcus Sorry
Marcus You are gorgeous
Marcus But you are also intimidating
Fiona Thanks
Fiona I think ☺️
Marcus Sorry
Marcus It’s just
Fiona You thought I was married to my career
Fiona I get it
Fiona I kind of am
Fiona We have the same fights trust me
Marcus So I am not the only one?
Fiona Not even close
Fiona Our spouses don’t understand the passion we have for work
Marcus Thank you
Marcus I feel she doesn’t get me at all
Marcus My career is very important to me
Marcus And I thought she would understand
Fiona But she didn’t
Marcus Not at all
Marcus The fights became a regular thing
Fiona I know
Fiona I am thinking about divorcing
Marcus Really?
Fiona You never thought about it
Marcus No, not like that
Marcus But I do feel it would be easier being alone
Fiona Or at least with someone who understands
Marcus Hahhaha I wish
Marcus You can’t have it all right?
Fiona What if you could?
Marcus What?
Fiona Have someone that understands?
Marcus I don’t think a woman like that exists
Fiona But I do…
Fiona I understand
Marcus What are you saying
Fiona Just think about it…
Fiona I am sure it crossed your mind sometimes
Marcus You know what
Marcus I think it’s better if I go home
Marcus We can continue tomorrow
Fiona Hey
Fiona I am so sorry for last night
Fiona I don’t know what I was thinking
Fiona You know I am a professional right?
Marcus No need to apologize
Marcus Is your offer still standing
Fiona What?
Fiona What made you change your mind?

Fiona What’s that?
Marcus My sister went for a walk in the woods today
Marcus She is insane like that
Marcus She ran into this beautiful couple
Marcus And decided to take a photo
Fiona I don’t get it?
Fiona You saw a photo and thought of me
Marcus Not exactly
Marcus I saw a photo
Marcus And thought about killing my wife
Fiona What?
Marcus I thought about how nice a guy I was
Marcus With a beautiful woman like you hitting on me
Marcus How I choose to be faithful
Marcus While my wife choose to be a hypocrite
Fiona I’m lost here
Fiona What happened with your wife?
Marcus That right there on the photo
Marcus Is my beautiful cheating wife
Marcus The guy in the photo is our first neighbor
Fiona Oh shit
Fiona Are you ok?
Marcus I’ve been better
Marcus Is your offer still on?
Fiona Not for revenge
Fiona I really like you
Fiona And I don’t want to mess that up with revenge sex
Fiona I meant what I said last night
Fiona I think we could be great together
Fiona But I think you need time
Marcus I’m sorry
Marcus I like you too
Marcus But you are right
Fiona I am always right
Fiona We can go for coffee though
Fiona I would love to hear all about how terrible your wife is
Fiona 😁
Marcus You have a deal
Marcus Half an hour Lincoln park?
Fiona See you there
Stella You packed your things?
Stella Come on Marcus
Stella We can talk about this
Marcus What the hell did you think I would do?
Marcus Congratulate you on your well-played hypocrisy?
Marcus You cheated on me
Stella I am sorry
Stella You’ve been working the whole time
Stella I got lonely and Sam was there
Marcus Don’t you dare put this on me
Marcus The worst part is that you were accusing me of cheating
Marcus While this man was sleeping with you
Stella Marcus, please
Stella You have to understand
Marcus I have to understand?
Marcus You know what Stella
Marcus You and Sam have fun
Marcus You deserve each other
Stella Please
Marcus I have to go
Marcus I have a date with Fiona
Marcus At least she respects me as a man and co-worker
Stella YOU WHAT?
Marcus Bye Stella
Marcus I really hope it was worth it
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